Feel more youthful 
in your late 40s, 50s and beyond  

… without needing a time machine to take you back to your 20s. 


“I just wish I had more energy.” 

How many times a day does this thought cross your mind? Five? Ten? Too many to count? 

If your go-to word of the day – every day – is TIRED, then we need to talk! 
Because while you may not be in your 20s anymore, that doesn’t mean you should feel exhausted 24/7. In fact, midlife should be your time to shine! It starts with carving out more space in your Google calendar for you and hitting the “RESET” button on your health. 


Midlife Health Reset 

A 10-week, 1:1 coaching program for women over 45 who want to 
reset their health and reclaim their energy. 

With my Midlife Health Reset, you’ll get 10 weekly, one-hour coaching sessions 
providing the support and accountability you need to transform your health.  

No more settling with feeling less than your best or trying to learn new, 
healthy habits on your own. I’ll be there every step of the way, guiding you to 
your more youthful, energetic self. 

Get ready to ditch the … 

Constant fatigue
Foggy brain 
Achy joints 
Chronic stress 
Poor sleep 
Weight gain*

*and a bunch of other age-related symptoms you’d rather just bypass, thank you very much! 

Instead, make way for more … 

Peace of mind
Sound sleeping  
Healthy weight loss* 

*and a bunch more benefits that’ll make you feel like you’ve just docked 30 years off your age. 

Want more checkmarks in your life? 


take the first step!


Here’s a Look Inside The Midlife Health Reset

Buckle up as we dive deep into the life-changing topics below. Throughout our 10 weeks together, I’ll tailor my coaching to your specific goals, struggles, and dreams so the experience is uniquely yours. 

Week 1: Prioritizing YOU 

Discover the importance of a health reset at this stage, how you can offset the negative effects of aging, and ways to reap the most benefits from your time in this program. 

Week 2: Stress … Friend or Foe? 

Learn the negative and positive effects of stress (yes, there are some positive ones, too!), how it impacts your body, and what you can do to balance stress and inflammation. 

Week 3: Food is Medicine 

Learn what it means to nourish your body, mind, and soul and discover how to incorporate nutrition that improves your mood, revives your energy, and boosts your immunity. 

Week 4: Finding your Calm

Gain tools and practices for finding your calm (whatever that looks like to you) and experience the wonderful effects of slower movement, breathwork, and detoxification. 

Week 5: Resistance + Q & A

Assess how your body is responding to the program so far, see if you’re reverting to old habits, and learn how you can set yourself up for long-term, sustainable wellness in the weeks to come.

Week 6: Happy Hormones 

Explore the relationship between hormone levels and aging, and learn how to support, nourish, and love your body through the “wonderful” changes caused by menopause. 

Week 7: Sweet Slumber

Learn the critical role sleep plays in recovery, repair, and restorative healing. Discover how to wake up feeling rested, pain-free, and clear-minded, with more energy for your day.

Week 8: Movement Magic 

Explore different types of movement and see what works best for YOU so you can stay consistent. It’s not just about what’s happening on the outside, but how your systems benefit on the inside.

Week 9: Mental Clarity

Discover how to maintain – and even expand – your brain's functioning power as you age, and learn practices that reduce brain fog and lead to better memory, recall, and clarity. 

Week 10: Next Steps & the New Youthful YOU

Learn how to come back to this program anytime to keep up the momentum and deepen your health journey. Remember that small, daily shifts equal bigger, health-altering results in the long term. 




Nourish, Restore, Energize

Whether I’m helping you navigate fatigue, stress, weight gain, or any other pesky midlife-related issues, I always work through the lens of these three pillars. 

When you’re ready for more nourishment, restoration, and energy in your life, 
I’m just a call away. 

Your body, mind, and soul

Your strength and joy 

Your most vibrant life

PRICE: $1,500


So great to meet you

I’m Sheetal, The Midlife Energizer.

I’m a health & wellness coach for women in midlife who are looking to maximize their energy and youthfulness with food, movement, and restorative practices. 

My own health journey started back in 2006 when I was trying to get to the bottom of why I was always feeling exhausted and suffering from debilitating migraines. It was a long journey (more on that HERE), and now I’m happy to be in better health and focused on my clients! 

If you’re feeling the nudge to improve your health, I’ll help you prioritize your well-being, get clear on what works for you, and make powerful shifts that don’t take over your already-busy life. 

As an IIN-certified coach, I’ve developed a well-rounded, proactive, preventative wellness journey that’s simple and sustainable. All it takes is getting started!


Still wondering if you’re in the right place? 

My 1:1 health & wellness coaching is for you if …

You often feel tired, sore, stressed … and many other symptoms that are robbing your joy. 

You’re excited to wholeheartedly show up for yourself and invest in your health and well-being.  

You understand that resetting your energy doesn’t happen overnight – and that’s OK! 

You’re open to learning more about how your body works and making adjustments specific to midlife.  

We may not be the best fit if … 

You feel like your health is A-OK as is – nothing to change here! 

You’re stuck in a cycle of excuses, a negative mindset, or resistance to change. 
You’re looking for a magic pill to instantly improve your health. (Psst. It doesn’t exist!)  

You’re fixed in your thinking and want to keep doing what you’re doing (even if it hasn’t worked for you yet.) 



Q. My life is already crazy busy. Will this program take up a lot of my time? 


Q. My life is already crazy busy. Will this program take up a lot of my time? 

A. No, my Midlife Health Reset isn’t designed to completely derail your schedule or demand all of your free time. We’ll connect for one weekly coaching call, and I’ll teach you small, daily shifts that will make a huge impact on your life. Everything in this program is doable, and you don't have to complete it all at once. 

Q. Will I need to revamp my whole lifestyle while in your program? 

Q. Will I need to revamp my whole lifestyle while in your program? 

A. Again, nope. : ) The goal isn’t to completely change your lifestyle – because that’s just not sustainable. However, I will of course nudge you into healthier habits so that you can experience amazing results that you haven’t been able to experience on your own. 

Q. What makes your approach unique? 

Q. What makes your approach unique? 

A. My journey and background of living a blended Eastern/Western life set my approach apart from others. I was very inquisitive as a child and was raised to approach health concerns by asking: What is the ROOT cause of this? Today, I use this approach with my clients, because only once you know the root cause of something can you truly address it. For example, if you’re feeling tired 24/7, I’ll dive deep to learn WHY. Is it because of your nutrition? Sleep habits? Hormones? Stress levels? The answer isn’t always what it seems. 

Q. What if I’m not yet financially ready to invest in your coaching? 

Q. What if I’m not yet financially ready to invest in your coaching? 

A. Feel free to sign up for my weekly emails, where I provide helpful tips on how to make simple, healthy shifts in your life. When you’re ready to focus on your health with more customized, 1:1 support, I’ll be here! 

Q. How else can I work with you? 

Q. How else can I work with you? 

A. I also offer one-hour à la carte coaching sessions if you’re not yet ready for my 10-week program but still want guidance in living healthier. You can inquire about those here. 

Q. How will I feel after working with you? 

Q. How will I feel after working with you? 

A. If you’re like all my other clients, you’ll feel more energized, youthful, and inspired to do more of what lights you up inside. Think of midlife as your new beginning where you can feel healthier, happier, and more like YOU. 

Remember the healthier, 
more energetic YOU of years passed? 

Let’s bring her back with a Healthy Midlife Reset! 

Just 10 weeks together can help transform your health and turn 
your late 40s and 50s into your best years yet!